[Ongoing] Money Flower – First Impressions

A story of revenge, money and chaebol featuring Jang Hyuk? Of course I’m in!

Somehow I almost missed this one, I don’t know why… I was looking for a new drama to watch and visited The Fangirl Verdict. Again, I found a good drama thanks to her! It didn’t take me more than this:


Now this is revenge melo done right.

Interesting characters brought to life by excellent actors; a compelling backstory; great pacing; assured handling; immersive, consuming music. All of these elements come together to make Money Flower an addictive, cracktastic journey, from start to finish. Show stays gripping through to its final stretch, and even resolves its revenge story in a satisfying manner. That’s impressive stuff all-around, which makes it easy to forgive Show its few flaws.

Also, Jang Hyuk is Prowling Panther levels of superb in this. Flail.

I was already sold so I didn’t read the long review and started to watch it right away!


It’s really the style of drama I enjoy… it’s dark enough but not too much so I don’t feel uneasy watching it.

After only three episodes we understand quite clearly what kind of character Kang Pil Joo is. Jang Hyuk’s performance is amazing as always. Although he’s super cold and keeps a poker face all the time, we sometimes can see his emotions through a single gaze.


Although the reasons behind his elaborated revenge are becoming clearer, I’m not too sure why he decided to use the woman he loves. Moreover, he seems to weaken already as Boo Cheon is becoming close to Mo Hyun. As we learn that he is the one who revealed Boo Cheon’s identity to Mo Hyun, I’m wondering if he is already getting that weak or if this is only part of his plan.


I’m guessing Boo Cheon is not supposed to be a likable character, but to be honest I find him quite uninteresting so far. I didn’t really know Jang Seung Jo (although I just found out he was in two dramas I watched…) but for now, I’m not exactly impressed by his performance.


I don’t mind Park Se Young so far. I like that her character is an intelligent woman. However, I can’t say I love her either. While I’m writing this, I realize that maybe because Kang Pil Joo is such a strong character played by such a strong actor, these two main characters appear slightly weak in comparison. Actually, it feels like they are simply puppets with the purpose of fulfilling Pil Joo’s plan.


Well, that kind of makes sense…



Jung Mal Ran appears as the only character who is as strong as Pil Joo (although in a different way). I find her ambiguous relationship with Pil Joo more interesting than Mo Hyun’s. Lee Mi Sook never fails to impress me: she’s really a great actress.

I can’t say I’m really emotionally invested in this drama so far, but I like it. Let’s see what happens…

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