[Ongoing] A Korean Odyssey – Episodes 3-4

I think I still feel a bit confused about the comedic aspect of this drama—it is mainly a comedy, while I was expecting it to be mainly a fantasy drama. I’m still not completely used to it so it feels weird, but not in a bad way. Actually, I’m really enjoying this series so far!

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[Memories] The Most Disappointing Kdramas of 2017: My Top Three

I usually never do “the worst [something]” kind of posts, but this one is a bit different. Whether you like a drama or not is a matter of taste, so I would never say that these are the worst dramas of 2017. The fact is that they are dramas that I really, really wanted to like but that ended up painfully disappointing me. Obviously, since I was expecting so much of them, it left me even more bitter—which is why I want to talk about them.

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[Memories] The Best Kdrama of 2017 and my Top Five (sort of)

2017 has been a very strange year of Kdramas for me. I watched a total of 16 series, and I have to say that most of them were so-so. What I find weird, however, is that there were many series that strongly disappointed me because I was expecting more of them, and some series that surprised me by how good they were, although I didn’t expect much from them. So, it looks like 2017 was the year that made me give up on any expectations I might have for a Kdrama!

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